Olympic Educational Service District 114

Serving the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas

math class
 OESD Mathematics Education
Leadership Building for Collaborative Learning

  Our goal is to improve student achievement in mathematics through:

  • Designing and delivering effective professional development;
  • Generating regional shared knowledge;
  • Aligning with statewide goals and initiatives for improving student achievement; and,
  • Building leadership capacity
Our PD approach emphasizes these four areas of focus:
  • Leadership Development: increasing the capacity of district administrators, principals, and teacher leaders to impact the learning of students and staff.
  • Curricular Resources and Support: Increasing staff and regional capacity for leveraging materials and resources to enhance instruction.
  • Professional Learning Communities: structured opportunities for educators to work together to address the issues impacting student learning and classroom practice.
  • Knowledge Building: continually deepening the knowledge and understanding of all staff about curriculum, assessment, instruction, and learning.
Meet the mathematics department team:
 Tamara Smith
Tamara Smith
Mathematics Education Coordinator &
Regional Math Coordinator
Bridgett Golden
Admin.Assistant for Teaching & Learning
2015 Excellence in Mathematics Education Award Ceremony