Olympic Educational Service District 114

Serving the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas

About Olympic ESD

oesd_mapOlympic Educational Service District (ESD) is one of nine regional educational agencies serving school districts and state-approved private schools in Washington State. ESDs function primarily as support agencies and deliver educational services that can be more efficiently or economically performed regionally.  ESDs assist the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education in the performance of their duties and provide technical and professional consultation in their liaison capacity between the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and local school officials.

We provide services that support districts in delivering a high quality education that leads to equitable opportunities for all to learn and succeed.
Olympic ESD 114 is a dynamic agency of diversified programs, positioned to meet ongoing and emerging needs of school districts and their communities. OES D provides educational services that can be performed more effectively on a regional basis. Our cooperative, cost efficient, and innovative delivery systems recognize regional characteristics and differences, help local districts pool resources, minimize duplication of effort, and, ultimately, reduce taxpayer costs.
1) Promote equity and excellence by providing stable support for districts, teachers and students.
2) Provide and manage cooperative programs, special projects, technical assistance and professional development that are both effective and efficient.
3) Support school readiness by partnering with school districts, child care providers, families and community agencies throughout the region to promote early learning services and systems.
4) Assist school districts in the administration of OSPI and State Board of Education policies, rules and regulations.
5) Represent individual district and regional needs at the state level.
6) Remain informed on current issues and trends in education and other appropriate social services in order to be responsive to the needs of school districts.
7) Pursue program evaluation and improvement through an ongoing dialogue with school districts, community partners and state agencies.
8) Create an internal culture that demonstrates respectfulness, teamwork, program integration and communication.
1) providing high quality, equitable, accurate and innovative services to evolving customer needs;
2) the value of relevant, effective, positive learning experiences;
3) having pride in our work; delivering services that meet or exceed expectations;
4) positive customer relationships which are fundamental to service delivery;
5) the use of research and data in decision-making;
6) leadership that inspires and empowers people to use their collective skills and talents to achieve the ESD mission and goals;
7) a collaborative culture and common goals;

Olympic ESD is governed by a seven-member board, elected by local school directors. Each board member represents several school districts within the ESD region.


Agency operations are overseen by Greg Lynch, Superintendent.